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Class 2

Welcome to Class 2!


I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Thank you very much for my amazing Christmas gift, I put the Amazon Voucher towards my new Fitbit watch and I am going to Bath Thermae Spa in a couple of weeks! I am one very lucky teacher!! smiley


Here are some reminders of what happens in Year 2:

Wednesday: Forest School! 16th January, 23rd January,  30th January, 6th February

Wednesday: Homework is due back in.

Thursday: PE with Harley (outdoors so please ensure children have outdoor PE kit and possibly a plastic bag for muddy trainers!)

Friday: Homework is given out

Friday 1st February: NSPCC Number Day

Friday 15th February: Year 2 Cake Sale



Picture 1
Picture 1

Extreme Explorers Immersion Day

We had lots of fun dressing up as explorers from the past, thinking about where we would like to go exploring where we are older and thinking about the challenges we might face. We will be learning lots more about different famous explorers throughout this term.


We have also made boats out of recycled objects to test our knowledge of historical knowledge of Christopher Columbus and our scientific knowledge of waterproof/ absorbent materials.
In Science we have been testing absorbency of different materials. To do this we dipped different materials into coloured water to see if the water would absorb or not.


Supporting your child with maths at home: (Focuses on quick recall of counting in 2s) (Focuses on quick recall of counting in 2s) (number bonds to 20) (doubles to ten and then progress to doubles from 5 to 15) (halves to ten and then progress to halves between 5 and 15) (we have been using this interactive app in Maths particularly looking at addition, subtraction, multiplication and division through the number frames application)


Practical maths:

- Using pasta can children make different groups to practise multiplication (e.g. 7 equal groups of 5 pasta shells  is 35.)

- Using pasta can children share it out to practise their division (e.g. 30 pasta pieces shared between 6 equal groups is 5)

- If children are able to do this confidently could they tell you both sentences for a group of pasta (e.g. 1) 30 pasta pieces shared between 6 equal groups is 5. 2) 6 equal groups of 5 is 30 pasta pieces)

- Have a go at multiplication and division games mentioned previously on the class page.

- Practise counting in 2s, 5s and 10s (ensuring children do this past 10x2, 10x5, 10x10)

Games to play with the dice:

  1. Tug of war: Draw a line from 0-50. Both players start at 25. One player rolls the dice adding up to 50 from 25, one player rolls the dice subtracting from 25 down to 0.

2) Following the same concept 2 players could take away from 50 until they get to 0.

3) Following the same concept 2 players could add until they get to 50.

4) Roll two dice, which numbers can you make with the dice? Which is the biggest? Which is the smallest? How many tens and ones are in each number? Can you add them together? Can you take one away from the other?



Please continue to practise spellings at home. I will start to test the children on these after Christmas.


This weeks spelling list (11.01.19)

1) Old

2) Told

3) Class

4) Should

5) Parents

6) Said

7) Out

8) Warm

9) Where

10) Paint


Extra maths challenge:

If you feel confident with writing and saying three-digit numbers over 100 then have a go at these addition and subtraction sentences using your knowledge of adding tens and ones...

E.G. 52+75 (Counting on for 7 tens and 5 ones, this can be mentally or written down)

1)  76+43=

2) 65+86=

3) 176-85=

4)  136-63=

5) 65+____=147




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