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Class 5

Welcome to Year Five!

Term 5

Welcome back! We will be journeying through the world of Brunel's Britain this term, including our visit to the SS Great Britain on Friday, 20th April. This will be a great opportunity to kick-start our learning about Victorian engineering and culture.

We will be reading a children's biography of Brunel- 'The Man Who Built Britain' by Amanda Mitchison- as our first core text in English, and will continue with 'Sky Dancer' by Gill Lewis, which is an engrossing tale of the battle between nature and humanity.


PE will be on a MONDAY AFTERNOON and THURSDAY AFTERNOON, but as always, keep your kit in as you never know when we might have an extra opportunity.


We will also be SWIMMING every afternoon of the last week of Term 5 (21st-25th May).





Term 5 Spelling Letter

Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 High Frequency Words.

Toilet Twinning Karaoke song

You may have heard this song already... 'Toilet Twinning' will be the recipients of all profits made during 'Enterprise Week', giving safe, clean sanitation to an area much less fortunate than our own.

Pixar Short Films; 'Tin Toy'

Our 'text' this term- have a watch and share it at home!

Forest School; we have two more sessions- adult help more than welcome!

Pandora's Box!

Pandora's Box! 1 Zeus breathes life into Prometheus' clay creations
Pandora's Box! 2 Hera and Zeus open a sack of guts and eyeballs
Pandora's Box! 3 Zeus sends a giant vulture to torture Prometheus
Pandora's Box! 4 Zeus extinguishes fire, freezing people on Earth
Pandora's Box! 5 Pandora steals the box as Epithemus sleeps

Times Tables Games


As we come onto some of the more complex methods for calculating and problem solving in Maths, it is becoming increasingly apparent that we need to do a little more with our Times Tables, to ensure that they come so naturally to the children that they can focus more on the whole method.


According to the government, children should know all of their Times Tables by the end of Year Four. I would like to see all children practising tables that challenge them, like the 6s, 7s and 8s. If they still need cementing in the easier ones, then by all means have a go too!


I've attached some handy games websites to get your children really engaged with this; if you find any others, please tell me in their Homework Books so that I can share it on here too!


There are also a billion different apps on various stores for tablets and phones and the like.


Let me know how they go!


Mr Blake

Year 5 at Masjid-e-Noor and Gloucester Cathedral!

Term 1 and 2 Topic Map

21 times table facts poster! If you know these, you know them all!

Here are some photos of the 'Mission to Mars' rovers we made last term

Maths, maths, maths...



comparing fractions