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Family Days

The children at St Mary’s are put together in what we call ‘family groups’ – usually two children from each class are put together in a vertical grouping throughout the school, creating a family group of around 14 children. At various times they get together in the life of the school, for example there is a Friday achievement assembly where the children are praised for their progress and positive contributions they have made to the life of the school.


There are family mornings at various times of the year, when each group will be led by the year six children in a range of activities they prepare and deliver, they will be together for the creative play day which takes place in the summer and they will provide mutual support and care within the daily life of the school.

The year six children support a child from the reception year, helping them to settle into the school initially, but providing further support throughout the year. Such links occur within the family groups which are themselves within the three houses of St Mary’s:


                      Howard, Buckingham and Norfolk.