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Late/Absence Procedures

Absence Request

Regular attendance at school is essential for children as it promotes good learning, positive attitudes and maintains continuity in their education and in their friendships. The school policy is that all holidays/long weekends should be taken during school holidays. Only requests for holidays where ‘exceptional circumstances’ can be demonstrated will be authorised.

Parents should discuss proposed holidays during term time with the school before they book them. To make an application to take a holiday during term time, parents or carers must make an appointment to see the Head Teacher, prior to the absence. Each request will be treated on an individual basis and parents/carers will be asked to complete an Absence Request form. It should, therefore, be understood that not all holiday requests will be authorised by the Head.

No absence will be authorised in Terms 1 or 5 (in line with LA guidelines due to the importance of settling into a new school year in Term 1 and national assessments in Term 5).