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New Parents

A Child's first experience of school is a precious and memorable occasion. We therefore aim to ensure a smooth transition from home or pre-school to school, for both children and parents.

We do this through:

  • Inviting all parents to an induction meeting during the term before their child starts school. This meeting is led by the Headteacher and Foundation Stage Teacher.

  • The Foundation Stage class teacher meets with their current nursery or pre-school, allowing valuable discussion time with key workers.

  • We provide drop-in sessions during June and July where parents and their children can spend time in the classroom with the class teacher and teaching assistants.

  • The children have pre-school visits on two sessions where they can spend time in their new class with their new teacher before starting school. This usually happens in June/July.

  • Each child's individual needs are always taken into consideration and occasionally the induction plan is extended for particular children.

  • Pre-schools complete a pre-school transfer form, providing information about the child in relation to the areas of learning in the foundation stage curriculum.

  • Each Year R child is allocated a year 6 ‘Junior’ who will look after them through those first few weeks ensuring they know where to go and how to find their way about and that they have someone to play with at playtime.

  • As parents we realise that this is an important time for you as well and you may have many questions. At the induction meeting you will also be given your parent buddy’s contact details so you can contact them over the summer holidays if you have any concerns or question.

We hope that the information provided will help answer some of those questions. The FAQs will also provide many answers to your questions. If however you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact the school office.