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Parent and Carer Forum

What we are about

St Mary’s Parents and Carers Forum is here to ensure the voice of the parent and or carer is heard in decision-making matters for the school, and for parents to learn more about how the school is run. Topics for discussion at previous Forums have included; homework, creativity in school, parent helper confidentiality and the school grounds.

All parents and carers are welcome to attend any of the Forum meetings. Each Forum is facilitated by a current parent as well a school governor, and the governor will report the discussions to the Full Governing Body. If commitments allow, the headteacher will also attend the meeting.

The Aims of the Parent and Carer Forum:


  • Be open and welcoming to all who attend

  • Respect the views of every person who attends and allow each person to speak

  • Advise the school on the views of the parents

  • Be one avenue on how the school consult with parents

  • Make every effort to hear the voice of the pupils in their discussions, by asking parents and carers to ask their children views and views to be sort via the school council

  • Have a time limit on how long the meetings last and they will be drawn to a close promptly

  • Produce a summary of every meeting that will be circulated to all parents and carers of the school

  • Be reviewed annually


The Parents and Carers Forum is not a decision-making body, but one that is involved in discussion and consultation. If you have any comments or wish to raise any issues at future Forums please email: