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School SEND Offer

Special Educational Needs


At St Mary’s Primary we aim to provide the best education possible for all children, regardless of their starting point or disability. We work closely with parents and carers, recognising the important role they play in their child’s education. Sometimes children need extra support and there are systems in school to make sure that this support helps them thrive in school. It may be that your child is placed on the 'Special Educational Needs and Disability' (SEND) register or that an assessment is undertaken over a period of time to see if your child requires additional support through an 'Education and Health Care Plan' (EHCP). Claire Adams is our SEND Lead and she is available three days a week in school.

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“The teachers and staff at St Mary’s have been instrumental in getting my son to the stage he is currently at. The ongoing support and encouragement my child and I receive is constant. I feel that we (my child and I) are so lucky to be part of St Mary’s. The smaller classes and family values make St Mary’s a place where my child loves to be.”

"My daughter has complex additional needs and initially started at St. Mary’s without a statement in place. The school were quick to identify that she would benefit from having a statement and that her ability to learn would be improved. Prior to and during the statementing process the school could not have been more supportive. They were very open and honest about what her needs were and flexible in meeting them. The daily liaison between school and home has been invaluable and she is now thriving at school"