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Catch Up Strategy 2020 - 2021



COVID Catch Up Funding Strategy 2020-2021

                  ‘For nothing will be impossible with God’

                                                                             Luke 1 v37

Each school has been given £80 per pupil. This equates to £2 per week or 41p a day. 


We have looked at the EEF catch up guidance, (tiered model approach) an evidence based approach and we have taken into account the school’s context. The funding is an opportunity to focus on specific areas that we are working on allowing us flexibility and the opportunity to spend it in the best way possible. The impact being to transform the overall curriculum offer at St Mary’s.  

Pupil analysis which has taken the form of teacher assessment, pupil discussion and observation, discussion with parents and testing. Pupil reaction to a return to school has been a significant consideration and we have been sensitive to their needs and have made provision using the funding to supporting where it is most needed. This has been in areas of language develop, building up of resilience and stamina.

 By focussing on QFT, teachers will be continually assessing the stages of where the children are at. Teachers will be able to identify essential knowledge and adapt their curriculum plans to fill the gaps. 


Priority areas

Safe Systems return

Support of opening and maintaining the school site

Action to minimise the risk of transmission and ensure school operations are maintained safely

Ensuring well-being of pupils and staff is a priority

Smooth re-engagement of pupils back into school so that they feel safe and secure in school environment


SLT to support QFT in every class – Release time to model, team teach, develop curriculum partnership with other school.

Curriculum target areas for planned development eg writing and maths sequencing, reading focus.


Curriculum Resources – to ensure return to the full curriculum by Summer 2021 as required by DFE

Wider curriculum resources

Test-base Merit to assess progress.


CPD – to support staff to deliver QFT including training for staff to utilise technology, develop phonic programmes, language development and catch up reading programmes, Oracy project. Staff non-con time to apply and monitor outcomes.