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Class 3

Welcome to Year Three!

Can you believe it is the FINAL week of Term...

The FINAL week of Year Three...


You have been a wonderful class to teach and I have many happy memories with each and everyone of you! You have made my first year at St Mary's very special - thank you! 


I am looking forward to welcoming many of you back next week for a day of fun. Pack your smiles because I can't wait to see you!!

Please take 5 minutes to read the suggested distance learning schedule before completing any of the online tasks. Click the blue activities within the distance learning schedule and it will direct you straight to that activity.


                             Learning Tasks 

All tasks are hyperlinked within the suggested timetable so once you click upon them they will direct you to the correct activity. 

Topical Learning Tasks

Year Three Memories

Dairy Dates 

18th March - Library Visit - 10am - 11am - Postponed

19th March - Forest School - Postponed

24th March - Parents' Evening (3.40-6.30pm) - Postponed

26th March - Parents' Evening (3.40-6.30pm) - Postponed

26th March - Year Three School Trip - Postponed

2nd April - Easter Egg Hunt (PTFA Event)

12th June - Summer Fair (PTFA Event)

Weekly Check List...

Tuesday (PM) - Mrs Lee 

Wednesday - Homework due 

Thursday - PE - Winter PE kit

Thursday - Spelling Test 

Friday - PE - Indoor PE kit/ Times table Check


Reading books and Reading logs should be in school daily. 

Author of the Year - Philip Reeve!


Each book ignites the imagination and transports the reader on a wacky but relatable adventure. Philip’s writing captures magical mayhem, friendship and addresses, current age appropriate issues in a light-hearted manner, whilst introducing the reader to a brilliant cast of characters. Philip uses a broad and balanced vocabulary – allowing readers to be challenged but also exposed to new vocabulary in a friendly and non-threatening manner. Sarah’s illustrations add additional life to the story, allowing readers to infer meaning; supporting their ability to follow and engage with the text.

Our Forest School Adventure!!

We have loved our Forest School experience! From our perspective it has been wonderful watching the children explore with freedom, interact with each other and nature. As you know, it has been rather muddy - sometimes we have been knee-deep in mud. Although, this hasn’t hindered our children’s experience, they have displayed beaming smiles whilst splashing in puddles and wadding through the forest. However, the experience has also allowed us to explore the impact of deforestation and living life during the Stone Age. During our time in the forest, the children have shown great creativity, respect and friendship; working together to truly enhance their experience.

Rocks - Science 

In Science we have been exploring Rocks and what is beneath our feet. To do this, we explored the different geological layers underground. To encourage us to apply our understanding and use scientific vocabulary we used our knowledge to create edible soil; recognising and justifying the chosen ingredients we used to create our geological layers. It was a great opportunity for discussion and creativity.

World Book Day 

We had a fantastic day celebrating world book day and each outfit was incredible. We started the day with a cat walk, thinking about how our characters might move and how we can bring them to life. Then, we looked at Pugs of the Frozen North; exploring vocabulary choices before finally, writing a blurb to summarise the adventure. 

Stone Age to Iron Age 

To kick start our Stone Age to Iron Age topic, we were delighted to uncover an excavation site here at St Mary’s.


Before we got to work uncovering pre-historic artefacts, we thought carefully about the role of an archaeologist and how their work helps to inform our understanding of history. In small groups, we uncovered a range of artefacts and them completed some investigation work to try and infer how they might have been used. Later, our research allowed us to discover that the artefacts found were from the Stone Age.


As part of our learning, we have explored the chronology of events by creating a physical timeline and have started to understand what life was like during the Mesolithic era. 

Proud Café

Thank you so much to all our friends and families who attended our ‘Proud Café' – we loved spending the final afternoon of term with you! It was a pleasure to share our learning journey, reflect upon our proud moments and enjoy a hot chocolate together.


Year Three worked really hard planning for this event. It was part of our enterprise week, so we looked at how we could work within a budget and make profit for a charitable donation. Additionally, the activity built in beautifully with our NATWEST money sense activities.


We are delighted to announce that together we raised a grand total of…£137.09!  


In Year Three, maths isn’t as you might imagine. We like to explore each concept in different ways; we enjoy representing our work in different forms and proving our understanding by using maniplulatives. We LOVE working in the moment and capturing our thoughts instantly – we will often use our tables as an extended exercise book or work in practical ways. We like to make maths as fun but as meaningful and contextualised as possible.


Recently, we have been exploring multiplication and division and statistics. Check out some of our awesome work!


Science is an integral part of life at St Mary’s and in Year Three we LOVE becoming Scientists. We encourage enthusiasm and create opportunities to develop curiosity and question the world around us. Our practical approach allows us to engage in focused Scientific Enquiries.


We have loved exploring Forces and Magnets and are currently preparing a Rock Museum.


We love getting active in Year Three and really look forward to our two PE lessons a week, however that isn’t forgetting our 30 active minutes each day. So far this Year, we have enjoyed taking part in Tag Rugby, Dance, Invasion Games, Gymnastics and Hockey. We have also been lucky enough to receive two special visitors, a cricket coach and a commonwealth athlete!


Exploring the evolution of Castles was great fun! Together we went back in time to 1066 and found out about William the Conquer and the introduction of Motte and Bailey Castles; we then made comparisons between Motte and Bailey and Stone Keeps – we loved becoming Estate Agents and creating ‘attractive’ profiles for Stone Keeps. Finally, we looked at concentric castles and how each castle had developed over time. However, we REALLY enjoyed our class debate - Which type of Castle was most effective and why?



I was SO impressed with all of the model Motte and Bailey Castles!

Useful attachments

Below, please find some useful attachments. These will be updated as the year progresses. 

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