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This week I feel like getting crafty! I want to make an Easter tree and decorations for it. I have all the ingredients for salt dough already and I have paints and varnish. I don't have balloons, wool or PVA glue so I'm going to try phoning Horders smiley Why don't you have a go as well? Or there are some boredom buster activity suggestions below. Happy Easter!

Easter ideas

Easter ideas 1
Easter ideas 2
Easter ideas 3

Easter Mindfulness colouring

Easter Mindfulness colouring 1
Easter Mindfulness colouring 2

Boredom Buster activities

I hope you are all keeping well. The weather is set to be lovely this weekend so make sure you get out in the garden and enjoy the fresh air!

I can see that you have all been working really hard this week, well done! Did you enjoy the baking? I wonder who made the tastiest brownies?! I made some totally scrumptious Chocolate Crinkle biscuits this week (and yes I have written my own set of instructions for them in my recipe folder!).


Picture 1
Picture 2

There are some incredible scores on Mathletics this week, well done! Charlotte and Liam both earned Silver certificates, congratulations! Lily Da has impressed me the most with her attitude and hard work on Mathletics with an incredible points score of 3693 so a virtual Motty is going home with you today! Big shout out also to Quin (3140 points), Sam (2770 points) and Charlotte 2610 points). You've been working incredibly hard (I hope you got my virtual positivity notes?).

As it is Friday I have to decide who has earned hot chocolate this week. And the winner is.... ALL OF YOU AND YOUR PARENTS! You've all done an amazing job in what has been a really strange week, well done!

As it is technically the Easter holidays now there is no set work for you to complete. I will put some activities below if you want to do some.

Keep helping at home, Mum and Dad (not forgetting Great Aunt Frieda!) really appreciate it. 

Remember, keep smiling and we will soon get through this.

Stay safe and well

Mrs H x

I hope everyone is feeling as sunny as this picture. Thanks Dan!

I hope everyone is feeling as sunny as this picture. Thanks Dan! 1
Picture 1

Welcome to Class 4  


Some useful dates for your diary:


NB: we do have 2 Forest School sessions owing to us and we will let you know those new dates as soon as they are arranged.


We hope to have lots of fun while learning in year 4. We have many excellent topics to find out about over the course of the year: Soaring Cities & Raging Rivers, the Anglo Saxons, Global Caretakers, The Romans and many more! Please see the year's curriculum overview and the term's curriculum map below for more information.


Term 4’s value is FORGIVENESS. We will be thinking about different ways in which we can show this value to those whom we love, in school and outside of school, and continuing to focus on how we can be more resilient.



In yr4 our author of the year is Roald Dahl. I chose him as he is one of my favourite authors and a man whom I would have loved to have met. He and I also share a passion for chocolate! As a child, I have extremely fond memories of both reading his books myself and my parents reading them to me (my Dad did an especially fantastic BFG voice I remember!). And now I take great delight in reading his books aloud to all of my children, both at home and at school (and not forgetting the voices!). I believe that Roald Dahl was a magician with his story telling and the way he would make up words where they didn't exist in the English language. He is my writing hero and I hope he will be your's too!



This will be on Mondays with Bristol Sport and will be Gymnastics and indoors. We will also have outdoor PE on Tuesdays improving and extending our Netball and Hockey skills with Future Stars. Please ensure a full outdoor PE kit is in all of the time. If your child does not have their PE kit in school, they will miss out. 



This continues to be given out on Fridays and needs to be returned on WEDNESDAYS. If your child's book is not returned on Wednesday I will be unable to mark it as I am only able to mark the books on Wednesday lunch times due to other commitments. Each week the children need to practise their times tables, spellings from their list and read regularly. There will also be a Maths, English and Topic or Science task consolidating that week's learning.


Spelling & Times Tables Tests

Spellings: Thursday morning.

Times Tables: Friday morning.

Times Tables: once your child gets a score of 37+/40 two times, they move up to the next level.

Spellings: once your child gets a word spelled correctly twice they will then not be tested on it again. When they have got that for every spelling on the list, they will move on to the next list. It is also expected that they will be able to independently apply their spellings into the class work.

Extreme Reading


Over the holidays try to get caught reading in weird and wacky places, the more extreme the better! Ask a grown up to take a picture of you and email it to me so I can print it off. The best ones will be given to Mrs Wilkinson and might even go on her reading display in the KS1 corridor. Get your thinking hats on!

Using our new equipment to help us solve mathematical problems!

End of Term 1 treat afternoon

Diwa lamps from coil pots

Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2019 - 2020

Autumn term's curriculum map 2019

Home Learning

How to help your child with reading

Yr 3&4 Common Exception Words (CEWs)