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Class 4

Welcome to Year 4!


Some useful dates for your diary:


12th July: Summer Social

15th July: Sports’ day (pm)

23rd July: leavers’ service in Church and last day of term.



We hope to have lots of fun while learning in year 4. We have many excellent topics to find out about over the course of the year: The Romans, Digestion and Teeth.


Term 6’s value is TRUTHFULNESS. We will be thinking about different ways in which we can show this value to those whom we love, in school and outside of school, and continuing to focus on how we can be more resilient.



This will be on Wednesdays in Term 6 (OUTDOORS) with either me or Thornbury Tennis Club coaches. Please ensure a full outdoor PE kit is in all of the time. If your child does not have their PE kit in school, they will miss out. 



This continues to be given out on Fridays and needs to be returned on WEDNESDAYS. If your child's book is returned after Wednesday I will be unable to mark it unfortunately due to other commitments on a Thursday evening. Each week the children need to practise their times tables, spellings from their list and read regularly. There will also be a Maths, English and Topic or Science task consolidating that week's learning.


Spelling & Times Tables Tests

Spellings: Tuesday morning.

Times Tables: Friday morning.

Times Tables: once your child gets a score of 37+/40 two times, they move up to the next level.

Spellings: once your child gets a word spelled correctly twice they will then not be tested on it again. When they have got that for every spelling on the list, they will move on to the next list. It is also expected that they will be able to independently apply their spellings into the class work.

'Someone' by Walter de la Mare

Active Maths: finding equivalent fractions & decimals

Fun with Taylor Tennis coaches


Forest School 2: learning about food chains and making animals from clay

My first Eco-Brick. How is your's coming on?

My first Eco-Brick. How is your's coming on? 1

Anglo-Saxon house models

Netball with Bristol Sport

Buddy Reading with Robins

Forest School: the reason your child was sooooo muddy!!!

World Book Day

Circle Time - Term 2


We are very lucky to have a specialist from the Local Authority coming in to support class 4 with Circle Times this term. I have recognised the children need help for how to cope with loss and help to build friendships and resilience. These Circle Times will be during the afternoons of 22/11, 29/11, 06/12, 12/12 and 19/12. The class are split into two groups randomly for these sessions and take place in a very safe environment whereby the children listen and show respect to each other and show consideration towards each other. The children are encouraged to speak but if they do not want to that is respected and not pushed.


The first session was about exploring emotions and how we feel. We read a book called 'The Paper Dolls' by Julia Donaldson. It is a beautiful book and focuses on how everyone loses something or someone and, even though that can be sad, their wonderful memory lives on with us. It deals with loss in a very positive, happy way. All of the children were able to tell their partner what they liked about the story and what they thought the message of the story was. The children were invited to think about something or someone they have lost and remember a happy memory. The children were able to share these memories if they wanted to. The children showed amazing compassion towards each other during these sessions today.


The theme of our second circle time was Kindness and it was a very positive and smiley session! We started off with a fun game called Oranges and Lemons. Our first task was to think about what kindness is. The children thought it was about helping friends when they were feeling sad or if they had hurt themselves, when we help other people or by respecting our friends if they wanted to be on their own. We then told our partners something about ourselves that they might not have known. I learned that one of the children used to have 9 dogs and the mother dog was called Ruby! We then shared, if we wanted to, what we had learned about our partners. Next we played Compliment Circle whereby we were encouraged to give a compliment to one of our class mates in the group. We recognised how nice it felt to give a compliment and how receiving one made us feel happy and included. We finished with a quote, "One kind word can change someone's entire day".


Our third session's theme was Resilience. The children suggested that it was linked with our value of perseverance but also included determination and powering on through even when something is a bit tough. We were then given different scenarios and thought about how we could deal with it negatively and, more importantly, how we could turn it around into a positive. One of the scenarios was being in the lead in a Sports' Day race but tripping over and ending up last. Negative: we could give up and not bother. Positive: I don't mind coming last, I will still win points for my House. We've thought about how we can turn all situations from a negative into a positive. We also talked about the power of 'yet'; "I can't do it yet" as opposed to "I can't do it".


Going forward, we will build on each session and learn more about friendships, how we can foster them and what strategies we can adopt when things go wrong. We will also be building on resilience and how to cope with situations that might upset us or make us feel sad. 


Please do talk to your child about the sessions, what they have learnt from them and how they have helped. Equally, if your child does not want to talk about the sessions then please respect that.


If you have any concerns, please do talk to me. Many thanks.

How to do Bus Stop division

Still image for this video

Year 4 Spelling