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Welcome to our Digital Leader page!


We're here to help! St Mary's has 20 digital leaders this year and our job is to help the children at St Mary's to use technology well. We are split into 3 teams:


E-Safety Team

We give advice to children about how to stay safe online. We help with displays and we will be organising assemblies for Safer Internet Day (5th Feb 2019) and Cyberbullying Day (15th Nov 2018) to make the whole school aware of online issues. We are also part of the E-Safety working party, making sure that children get their voice heard in how we manage E-Safety issues at St Marys. 


Promoting Technology Team

We celebrate how people use Technology at St Mary's. One of our main jobs is to blog news on this page, so please read our news below! We find great examples of how children at St Mary's are using technology to learn and let other people know about it. We also find websites and games that might help other children learn - some of these are below or on your class pages. 


Technology Team

We make sure our computers and other technologies are being used well in school. In class, we help our classmates and teachers to solve any technical issues with the software and report any hardware issues. We test out and give feedback on new equipment and we make sure our current devices are charged and safely locked away. We love new technology outside of the curriculum too!


So, come and see us if you'd like us to help! 

For any questions about the Digital Leader Team, come and see Mrs Smith in Year 1.




Anti Bullying Week


Useful websites and apps


Details coming soon!