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St Mary’s CEVA Home learning offer

We will be offering live learning sessions through Google Classroom.  The teacher will provide a short input to your session and then set the children a task to do.  These sessions are designed for the children’s participation and therefore parent involvement in these sessions is not required.


How to login


Please click on this link to access your child’s google account:


Once you click on this link you will need to enter your child’s name and date of birth.  Then click get credentials button and this will generate your child’s username and password.


Once you have your child’s login details please use the link below to login:


We ask that you go through this with your child to practice logging into Google Classroom. If your child does not have access to wifi and/or a device from which they can access work, please inform the school.


If you experience any difficulties with logging on then please contact your child’s class teacher through your class email address.


Daily online offer


  • There will be 3 live sessions per day.  All live sessions will be recorded, which means they can be accessed as and when parents are available to do so.
  • 1 English/phonics, 1 maths and 1 topic session or a live explanation of the afternoon's activities.
  •  The live sessions will run at the following times

Session 1 9.30am

Session 2 11.00am

Session 3 1.30pm

  • On Fridays, RE will replace either a live maths or English session


We advise that pupils:


  • Have a quiet place to work with access to an internet enabled device, paper and/or exercise books, pens, and a solid work surface such as a table or desk.
  • Pupils listen carefully and begin the task as soon as the teacher has finished talking.
  • The school behaviour policy applies to the remote learning lessons.
  • If a child has a problem, please explain the issue in the class chat.
  • Pupils are expected to ‘attend’ all lessons they are invited to. They should not join any lessons that a member of staff has not invited them to join.


SEND provision

Provision for our SEND children is entirely personalised to their needs and based on their individual learning journey. Class teachers will work closely with parents to ensure that they have the right provision for their child where they are not working within the age related expectations. Class teachers will also be closely supported by the SENDCO, Mrs Adams, to ensure that they are confident in being able to provide for children working from home. 

If you have any questions about your child's needs then feel free to contact our SENDCO at


The SEND Covid helpline for parents is open as an email box. Parents can email the helpline with their queries and leave their phone number. An appropriate professional will ring them back. This aims to support communication with schools and agencies and to answer parent’s queries. The email address is



Additional websites to support pupil learning

BBC Bitesize

Oak National Academy

Practice Times Tables with Topmarks:

Or try Maths is Fun and see how well you do with your Times Tables