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Home learning offer.

COVID-19 UPDATE: Home learning information during school closure can be found under the year group class pages.



Home Learning is the work which is set outside the timetabled curriculum and is to be shared and supported by parents.  It contains an element of independent study in that it is not usually directly supervised by a teacher and it represents an extension of the learning opportunities provided in school.

Home Learning is considered in relation to the rest of teaching and learning.  It is one of the teaching strategies available and it reflects the objectives of the curriculum and is designed in accordance with the needs of the pupils at the appropriate stages of their development.  It is planned as one of a series of learning situations and organised to use time as effectively as possible.

In Key Stage 1 children are asked to carry out simple tasks or investigations which are appropriate to their classroom activities. Spellings and tables are also learnt at home.

At the beginning of Key Stage 2, children are introduced to Home Learning in a more formal way.  In Year 3 pupils are required to undertake a limited amount of work at home.  During the rest of the junior school phase, the children are expected to take on an increasing amount of Home Learning culminating in a weekly 2-3 hour commitment for our oldest pupils. 

In addition to any other Home Learning that our pupils are asked to do, all children will be encouraged to undertake (daily) reading activities at home.  With some children, particularly those in the younger age groups, this will mean the active involvement of parent/carer.  The details of the approach with guided reading are decided in each year group and across the Key Stages and shared with parents through class letters and notes.

For each Year Group parents are informed of the timings and content of Home Learning.  Parents will also be given guidance on what part they might have in Home Learning activities.

Blended Learning Statement 2020

Home learning Offer 2020 – 2021 if lockdown occurs


If we do experience a period of lockdown, or lockdown of a bubble or if an individual has to isolate due to a COVID related illness we have put in place learning provision for all pupils. The learning provision is made up of a combination of work packs, online learning, online resources and engagement activities.

We have set out the different levels of provision, depending on the circumstances. 

It is important that every child can access the learning and is not at a disadvantage due to their home access to the internet or any other provision.

Different levels of blended learning

Level 1 offer:

 Single child isolating due to COVID or ill with COVID symptoms 

  • weekly phone call home from either the class teacher or teaching assistant.
  • access to online learning platforms with suggestions of activities to complete
  • weekly work pack with personalised adapted activities based on the in class learning that is still on offer to the rest of the class

Level 2 offer:

Whole class or year group having to isolate due to contact with a positive case

  • weekly differentiated work pack sent digitally and available on paper (if collected)
  • weekly worship class power point.
  • daily email or message on Seesaw from the teacher to check in and set challenges
  • digital pre-recorded teaching of new and modelled concepts for maths and English
  • a guide of which activities should be emailed to the teacher when completed. 
  • where appropriate, some teacher feedback to praise, motivate or develop the child
  • an encouragement to share work with the school so we can celebrate activities that are happening

Level 3 offer: whole school closure due to local or national lockdown

At this stage, the provision will be the same as for level 2 above, however as there is no in-school teaching provision in normal classes, Teachers and TAs will increase the amount of online pre-recorded teaching available. In addition to the offer above, there will also continue to be bubbles of essential worker provision for children of those who are crucial to the front line services such as the NHS. 

Please note, that while everything possible will be done to maintain a high, consistent standard at all times, if a teacher is ill themselves, they will not be asked to continue this provision and so, where possible, other teaching staff would carry out this provision on their behalf.

The wider school community

We are aware that lockdown impacts differently on every family which is why we have not just focused on learning activities, but also on activities that encourage community and engagement. Teachers will ensure that they are talking to children if the children are isolating; if the whole class is isolating staff will email their class daily or put a message on SeeSaw and the newsletter and our new Twitter feed will be regularly updated with useful, positive banks of ideas and celebrations. 

SEN provision

Provision for our SEN children is entirely personalised to their needs and based on their individual learning journey. Class teachers will work closely with parents to ensure that they have the right provision for their child where they are not working within the age related expectations. Class teachers will also be closely supported by the SENCO, Mrs Adams, to ensure that they are confident in being able to provide for children working from home. 

If you have any questions about your child's needs (if they have additional needs), then feel free to contact our SENCO at