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Junior Buddies

We appreciate that starting a new school can be a daunting experience for many children, to make life easier for our new Reception children we run a buddy system, whereby each Year 6 pupil is assigned an ‘infant’ from the new Reception class.

This friendship is established before the infant begins their school journey. Each Junior will write, introducing themselves to their infant during the summer holiday before they start school. A photo accompanies this letter, so each new child can identify with their Junior before they meet. Your child’s Junior will guide them through the first few weeks of school, helping with lunchtime, supporting friendships and encouraging happy play.

Our Junior system has proved very successful in supporting a child’s first few weeks at school, and it also encourages positive interaction between children of different years. The juniors also benefit from this system, as it promotes positive role-modelling and enables the children to develop leadership and mentoring skills.


'As a buddy, you have to look out for and care for your Robin. We love playing with them at lunchtimes!' Iona


'Being a mentor gives you the chance to show that you can be responsible. I enjoy playing with the younger children in the school!' Theo

Parent Buddies

We found the buddy system so successful, that it seemed only natural to offer a similar process to the parents. Each new parent/carer will be assigned an ‘experienced’ school parent to offer help and advice (if required) before their child starts school. This can be anything from asking ‘where to buy school uniform’, to ‘what they should take to school on their first day?’

There is an opportunity to meet with other new parents and the ‘buddies’ on your child’s first day at school, we offer support and refreshments at a gathering in the Church straight after drop-off.