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Welcome to Kestrels

Year Two 


For nothing will be impossible with God 

Luke 1 v37  

Summer Term One…                                     Value: Joy


‘Happy are those who hear God’s message and act on it’

Luke 11: 28

On behalf of the staff and children of Year Two, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our class page.


Hopefully, this term will provide us with courage, confidence and passion so that together we can spread our wings and turn each day into an adventure of learning and enjoyment! I cannot believe that we are in term three already but I am excited and full of enthusiasm for our next learning journey - we are sure to acquire lots of knowledge, enjoyment and memories along the way! 


This section of our website will be used to provide a summary of Year Two's learning journey. It will also be used to share information and post regular updates. Scroll down to view our adventures! 


As always, the door to our classroom is always open…’alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!’

Diary Dates

29th April - Easter Disco

13th June - INSET Day 

Weekly Check List

Monday - PE - PE kit to be worn to school. PE in school field. 

Tuesday - PE - PE kit to be worn to school. PE on school field. 

Wednesday (PM) - Mrs Bullock

Wednesday - Story Sack/Reading/Library books and Homework due 


With PE kits, please note the following uniform requirements:  

Our Learning Journey

This section of our class page will be used to provide an insight into our classroom and learning adventures.

Our Spring Term Adventures


Following our exploration into materials, we have also investigated the suitability of different materials. One of our investigative questions was:

What would be the best material for cleaning a wet surface?

As you can see, the children have had great fun testing the absorbency of different materials. 

 Great Adventurers     

As part of our Discovery Journey, we have been considering great explorers and some of their discoveries. To do this, we have had to develop a really good understanding of the world we live in. It has really made us appreciate early adventurers and we are looking forward to unpicking some of the challenges that they faced next term.


Martial Arts 

We loved welcoming 'Matt Fiddes Martial Arts' into our school today. All of the children (and staff) have really enjoyed partaking in the bespoke workshops - thinking about respect, control and different forms of exercise. It was lovely to see individuals from our class demonstrating some of their learning from outside of school too - we are super proud! Thank you for a brilliant day!

Fractions, position and direction

We had great fun getting practical and exploring fractions, position and direction out on the school playground. The shapes really helped us mark our half and quarter turns. 


We have also been working really hard in the classroom - finding fractions of an amount and making sure that each part of the whole is equal. 


In Science, we have been exploring different materials and their properties. We have considered a range of natural and man-made materials. Together, we had great fun classifying these materials based upon their properties.

Our Autumn Term Adventures

The Great Fire of London Experience

Still image for this video

What a remarkable day imagining what it was like to live and work in 1666. We loved dressing up, making bread and thinking about life in London a long time ago. We managed to answer lots of our thought provoking questions, finalise our product design and create our own sources of information about the Great Fire. The bread was delicious – a group of skilled bakers among us!


Super proud of this wonderful bunch of young people for putting on a marvellous Nativity show. Each one of them shone like the brightest star in Bethlehem. We have some brilliant actors, singers and dancers among us and I think we are all sorry that it has finished.


If you haven’t yet, check out the recording! It is worth the watch!

Father Christmas 

Excitement in school is growing but it might have overflowed on Friday when Father Christmas made a surprise arrival. What a way to end a festive week!


Thanks to Mrs Gillman, and church volunteers, we spent a reflective morning in St Mary’s Church considering the true meaning of advent.


It was such a special morning allowing us to come together as a community to unpick and explore the true meaning of Christmas.


A truly moving morning and I am extremely proud of the children’s contributions, reflective behaviours and thought provoking questions.


Thank you Mrs Gillman for organising, and volunteers from the church for supporting us to take part in this wonderful celebration!! 

The Great Fire of London 


We LOVED welcoming Avon Fire and Rescue Service into school. The crew who visited us were amazing! They helped us understand the dangers of fire and taught us some fire safety tips, including: Stop, Drop and Roll. 


The crew visited us as part of our Discovery Journey and they supported our understanding surrounding the Great Fire of London. Thanks to their wonderful knowledge and kindness we were able to compare fire equipment from 1666 to fire equipment now used in 2021. What a difference!


The children watched in awe as we inspected and tested key equipment - hearing about how it was used in an emergency! 


A brilliant and informative morning!

Thank you Avon Fire and Rescue! 

Microbes in Science 

In Science, we have been exploring microbes ‘germs’. We know that there are GOOD and BAD Microbes. We have been thinking about how Microbes are everywhere. They get on to our hands from the things that we touch. We get microbes on our hands from everything that we touch like door handles, school desks, the floor or our pets. We also get microbes on our hands when we hold hands, pick our nose or sneeze into our hands!


We used glitter to represent Microbes because they’re so small you cannot see them and shook hands with everyone to show how easily they spread.


Washing hands is the best way to remove microbes.

Addition, Addition, Addition...

Addition of two-digit numbers can be really tricky. However, I have been super impressed with the resilience shown by Year Two. They have thrived with 'table top addition' - using key methods and pictorial representations to support their calculations. 


Look at all of those brilliant two by two-digit additions!!

Terrific Tennis

We loved welcoming two local tennis coaches into school to teach us some key skills. It was a brilliant morning and great skill development - our forearm really developed and we even surprised ourselves with the level of skill on display. 


A HUGE thank you to our coaches from Taylor Tennis - a really inclusive, engaging and fun session. Lots of our children developed a love of tennis and hopefully these skills and passions can be continued. 


You never know, we might even have a new Wimbledon Star among us! Keep those eyes pealed! 


Firework Celebrations 

On Friday 5th November, we celebrated Bonfire Night.

We uncovered the history of Fireworks and why we celebrate them today.


The children had a great morning and look brilliantly dressed in their brightly coloured clothes too. 


Pirate Invasion  

We were shocked to discover that our playground had been dug up by a bunch of friendly pirates. However, they had disappeared before we could see them. They left an array of clues which helped us to make predictions about what might have happened. There were: 


Sharp, pointy swords 

Shiny, golden coins 

Glittery, colourful diamonds 

Old, rusty compass 

Class worship

What an amazing class worship - the children were exceptional and put on an outstanding performance. We are very proud of them. Don't they look smart. We explored the line ''give us today our daily bread' and thought about all of the gifts that God provides us with each day. For example: giving us courage in our hour of need. I am sure the children will love sharing their experience with you! 

Library Time - Yay!

We have LOVED getting back into the library, exploring and sharing a range of books together! It is such a lovely feeling to be able to come together as a class and laugh over a mischievous tale.

Crash Landing... 

In English, we explored a crime scene because a UFO crashed into our school field. We looked at the evidence and made predictions about what might have happened. We think that there is an alien lost in our school and we are going to do our best to find him. Stay tuned to see this story unfold!



Net and Ball

Wonderful skills developing in our PE sessions – the children are showing great control and sportsman ship which is lovely to see.

Magical Maths

We love a practical and hands on maths in Year Two.

We were able to show our knowledge of counting on from given two-digit numbers. Our whiteboard pens made the perfect number lines. 


Also, working straight onto tables captures learning in the moment and reduces the fear of making mistakes! 

Incredible Imaginations...

Another day of creativity in Year Two – interactive maths, collaborative poems in English and super skills in PE.


Check out our shared poem:



I am thick, grand and strong

Pointy, lumpy and adventurous

A magic wand to Mr Francis

A whistle to Claude

An ice cream to Kestrels

A racing car to Mr Penny

A mixing stick to Mrs Cowell

What a SUPER first day!

It has been lovely welcoming everyone back to school today – I have been impressed! It has been lovely watching their love of learning unfold and I’m really looking forward to seeing what the rest of this week holds.


Here are some highlights - mysterious parcels, trips to the woods and fun, adventures tales. Hopefully these will act as conversation starts after a long and tiring day. I hope everyone enjoys sharing their first day memories.