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Year Two 


...Together we will reach for the stars...

Summer Term Two…                                              Value: Peace 


 ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God.

Matthew 5:9

On behalf of the staff and children of Year Two, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our class page.


I don’t know about you, but I am struggling to believe that we are in the final term of the school year. Where has this academic year gone?! We have had an epic journey so far and this will continue into our final term, where we will make many more lasting memories. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone flourish this term whilst preparing for their journey to Year Three.


I am incredibly excited about the learning journey ahead and can’t wait for you to join me on our adventure.  


This section of our website will be used to provide a summary of Year Two's learning journey. It will also be used to share information and post regular updates. Scroll down to view our adventures! 


As always, the door to our classroom is always open…’alone we can do so little; together we can do so much!’

Diary Dates 

7th June - INSET Day 

23rd June - Class Photos




Weekly Check List 

Monday - PE - Reading sack returned. PE kit to be worn to school - Outdoor PE. 

Tuesday (PM) - Mrs Bullock

Wednesday - Reading/Library books and Homework due 

Thursday - PE - PE kit to be worn to school - Outdoor PE

...Our Learning Journey...

This section of our class page will be used to provide you with an insight into our classroom and learning adventures. 

Our Summer Term Adventures...

Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 

On Thursday 24th June, we were extremely fortunate to create yet another lasting memory! Our school community watched in awe as our field proudly hosted a tethered hot air balloon. It was a mesmerising experience and hopefully the children have enjoyed sharing their version of events with you!


It was an extraordinary experience and our school field was buzzing with adrenaline and excitement; I’m sure it will be the ‘talk’ of the playground for some time to come. However, this incredible event wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn’t for our wonderful crew and enthusiastic Governor, Chris. We are extremely grateful to Mike, our pilot, and his crew for making this dream become a reality – thank you!

Balloon Fiesta

Still image for this video

Science: How can I grow my own food?

Our seedlings had all begun to sprout which meant that they were ready to plant up in our mini allotment.


We looked carefully at how the plant had developed, considered different parts of each plant and made predictions about how it would grow.


It was super fun learning about how to plant safely and care for seedlings. We can't wait to see how they develop! 

Our break and lunchtime fun (OPAL)


We love our break and lunch times! OPAL is brilliant because it allows us to be creative and have lots of fun. There is so much to play with and each area is so exciting. We get to build dens, play in sand and water, make pictures in puddles and much, much more. Our play team work really hard to make sure that there is lots of fun and laughter.


Thank you for all of your kind donations that help us to have lots of fun! 

Bread Making 

The Great Fire of London started in Thomas' bakers shop in 1666, so to start with a blast and capture interest, we became bakers and baked our own loaves. I am so proud of each and everyone of them - they shone like stars! Each child, brought home a section of their loaf so that they could share it with you. We hope you enjoyed it! We thought it was delicious with some jam!

Making observations...


We had great fun making a range of observations in Science. We used key questions to focus our observations and drew upon our knowledge of measure to support our observations. There are lots of different wild flowers that grow in our school grounds.

What is the good news that Jesus’ brings?


In RE, we have been investigating the lives of some people for whom Jesus was good news. Jesus offered friendship, forgiveness and peace and changed the behaviours of many. We explored, how when gathering disciples, Jesus didn’t choose people who had rich jobs or were popular among society, but people who were ignored. He offered a hand of friendship, peace and forgiveness to the likes of Matthew, the tax collector and Peter and Andrew, the fishermen.


We also explored one way in which Jesus helps to bring people back to God is by showing how much God loves them, and that he wants to forgive them when they do bad things.


To finish out unit of learning, we started to think about friendship, forgiveness and peace in terms of our own lives.

The Life Cycle of a Frog

In addition to our Ducklings, and to support us in making observations over time, we also looked after a small amount of frog spawn - watching it develop and grow, comparing each stage of development and studying its adaptations over time.


By the end of the cycle, we had raised 11 little froglets. It was fascinating watching the process of metamorphosis and the children were absorbed. 


All froglets have now been released into the wild so that they can develop further and enjoy their natural surroundings. 

Delightful Ducklings! 

We were lucky enough to welcome some new members to our school community. However, these little fellows were a little ‘Quakers’. Year Two watched in awe as the little ducklings cautiously hatched from their shells. It was a wonderful experience caring for them, watching them grow and studying their life cycle and adaptations.


An awesome enhancement to our learning.


The ducklings really added an extra dose of joy and sparkle to our classroom; they will be dearly missed! However, they are off to live with Farmer Nic – on a small holding of 90 acres with several large ponds, many other ducks and cared for by a family with many farming years of experience.


The ducklings have had the very best start in life. The love, compassion, care and kindness Year Two demonstrated was remarkable – I consider myself lucky to be surrounded by such special and considerate young people.

Habitat Dioramas 

In Science, we have been exploring a range of different habitats and thinking about how animals are adapted to their environment. The children then used this knowledge within some project work. Look at Year Two's impressive shoebox dioramas. Really PROUD - well done Year Two!

Science Habitats.mp4

Still image for this video

Our Spring Term Adventures...

Dress up for Downs...

We loved being positive about Downs Syndrome, raising awareness and developing our own understanding. Together, we thought about some of the difficulties that might be faced but most importantly how our differences make us stronger and that everyone has something special to offer. We opened our own bakery, thinking about different toppings – doesn’t matter our toppings we are all just as yummy. We also thought about how we communicate and used Makaton to aid our interactions. It was an action packed day!


However, most importantly, we recognised and celebrated how our differences make us stronger!!

World Book Day...

Despite being at home, we loved sharing World Book Day together. We dressed up as various characters, celebrated books and sharing stories together. Your costumes were incredible! We had great fun being creative and entering our whole school competition using Ernest Hemmingway as inspiration, who, as the legend goes wrote "For sale: baby shoes, never worn." when challenged to write a story in just six words. Our six-word stories focused around the theme of The Environment. Congratulations Willow, who was one of our competition winners.  


We delved into our school values and thought carefully about what COURAGE means. We thought about times when we have had to show courage and how courage can help us in our everyday lives. As always, we were blown away by the insightful discussions that Year Two engaged in.

Honourable Home Learning...

Unfortunately, we were faced with another lock down at the start of Spring Term but that didn’t stop us keeping in touch as a community through our fun and interactive live sessions. We were so impressed with how everyone adapted; your commitment to learning and your undeniable positivity. All of the staff in Year Two were also incredibly touched by the wonderful video that you prepared – You’ve got a friend in me! Again, such brilliant use of

Makaton to support communication.                                                                                    

Our Autumn Term Adventures...

Virtual Nativity...

Who knew that Year Two was made up of incredible actors and actresses!! We loved putting together a virtual Nativity, refining our acting skills, projecting our voice and singing our hearts out. We even used Makaton to accompany our musical accompaniments. I am so PROUD of everyone for pouring their heart and soul into this Nativity – we hope you enjoyed watching it as much as we did preforming it!

What shocking Pirate behaviour!

We were shocked to discover that a small part of our playground had been dug up. The ground was scattered with old coins, precious jewels and items which we believe belonged to Pirates. Is our school built upon a chest of treasure?


The children really enjoyed exploring this hook, introducing:

Our new core text ‘The Pirates Next Door’ by Jonny Duddle and our topic work on becoming map makers.



As part of our whole school Harvest celebrations, we wrote a class prayer and acrostic poems, thinking about what we are most thankful for. 

Our Class Prayer:

Dear Lord,

Thank you for our lovely meals prepared by caring hands.

Thank you for beautiful vegetables that you help us grow.

     Thank you for the juicy, sweet fruits that help                       to keep us healthy.


We also showed our support to World Mental Health Day by wearing an item of yellow clothing.



Beegu by Alexis Deacon


On a crisp Monday morning, we were startled when we stumbled across a spaceship wreckage on our school field. Coming out of the crash scene were tiny yellow foot prints. These mysterious foot prints kept appearing around our school until eventually Beegu made an appearance. We loved exploring our core text, Beegu, and we generated some superb writing!


Check out our amazing work on display! We are very PROUD!



Thornbury Water

As part of local, historical study, we imagined what it would be like having to collect daily water from a well or pump. This helped us to understand what life was like in the past but also how a simple task of washing your hands could become so complex.


We were also really careful to conserve the water – it was harder than we imagined.


After this, we stepped inside a picture from the past, explored artefacts and wrote in role. 

Sensory play to support descriptive writing


We love practical hands on learning. To support our descriptive writing and use of adjectives we submerged ourselves in raw material, using our senses to support our description and vocabulary choice.


Term one's PE lessons were awesome. We put together some 

incredible dance routines with Coach Harley and shocked Mr Francis with our spectacular performances. During our fitness sessions, we have looked at different types of movements and moving with increasing control and accuracy. These movements were equally as spectacular. 



Claude Puppets...

To help us understand more about our Author of the Year, we immersed ourselves within his work for a morning. As part of this, we created mini hand puppets of the main character, Claude. It was wonderful fun creating mini adventures for our puppets.


Claude leads an adventurous life and our replicas now lead adventurous lives too.


We love hearing about their new adventures and creating new stories in the style of Alex T. Smith.

What a BRILLIANT first day! 


It has been wonderful welcoming everyone back today - they've been stars! I have thoroughly enjoyed watching their imaginations unfold and I'm already looking forward to next week's adventures. 


Here are some highlight pictures from today. Hopefully these will act as conversation starters. I know that after a long and tiring day it is often hard to reflect on what has been achieved. I hope everyone enjoys sharing their first day memories.

  Remarkable Reading 

In Year Two, we love reading and enjoy getting stuck into a book. As well as reading for pleasure, we also love exploring our Author of the Year.

Author of the Year - Alex T. Smith!

Alex T. Smith is author and illustrator of children’s books. In each book his inspiring characters embark on various wacky but relatable adventures. His Claude range, which will be our primary focus, introduce children to early chapter books in a friendly and non-threatening way. Alex’s use of vocabulary is highly effective and repetitive – allowing early readers to be challenged, broadening their bank of vocabulary.  As an author and illustrator, Alex’s illustrations bring his stories to life, allowing readers to make predictions and actively engage within the text.


We love his short stories and find them highly entertaining – we hope you do too! Read one of his books here. 

Helpful Home Learning 

Home learning is provided every Friday (expect school holidays) to support or consolidate learning in class. All home learning tasks will be shared on Seesaw and also uploaded here. For further information, please read the attached home learning expectations. 

Home Learning Explanation

Our Curriculum Adventures

Below you will find overviews relating to our curriculum and termly coverage. However, if you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch – we are happy to help in any way we can. Together we are stronger!