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NATWEST MoneySense Accredited School

Making Sense of Money 

As a school, we are committed to teaching our pupils how to use money safely and responsibly.


We have been joined this term by volunteers from NatWest to run workshops with Years Two, Three, Four and Six.

Year Six had a workshop called: 'It’s party time!'

This workshop required pupils to work in groups to put together and present to the rest of the class a fully costed, reasonably priced birthday party for a child.


Year Four and Year Two had workshops called: 'How we use money'

This workshop helps pupils learn that there are choices about what to do with money: it can be spent, saved or donated. It also explores the difference between needs and wants.


Year Three had a workshop called: 'Super smoothie shop'

This workshop introduces pupils to the concepts of enterprise, buying, selling and budgeting in a series of group activities involving setting up a smoothie shop



Our pupils were very excited about receiving a certificate and key ring and we are very grateful to the volunteers from NatWest for leading the sessions.


The MoneySense website has a Parents section where you can download activities to do at home. Your children can also explore a Virtual Bank to get used to the services in a real bank branch.


Pupils can also explore or