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OPAL Worship Assembly

On Monday 10th February Mrs Smith led an OPAL worship assembly. She reviewed what has happened so far and shared with the children images of them at play and comments they have made since its introduction at the start of the term. The Play Detectives stood up and explained what they had been doing and had found during OPAL sessions. 

It is clear the impact is really positive but we have a few teething problems to sort out and some rules to respect which always occurs with any new initiative.

Looking forward Mrs Smith and her team are hoping to add a boat to the play, (somebody has very kindly donated a small boat to the school) a music corner, scooters and after a suggestion by Mr Joyce a truck or old pick up truck. (If anybody has one that can be donated or for a small price can be purchased please let the school know).

There are a number of volunteers and staff who are working very hard behind the scenes to make this a success, I would like to say a huge thank you to them.