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Return to School information Letter for 8th June.

The phased opening of St. Mary’s CE VA Primary School to Year R, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils from Monday 8th June.


Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Dear Parents/ Carers


Please carefully read this letter as it contains important information to help you and your child prepare for the phased opening of the school. Please remember only children who have requested a place should arrive at school.


  • The School will be open to pupils in Foundation Stage, Year 1 and Year 6 from Monday – Thursday. To allow for a deep clean, and for staff to plan and prepare for school and home learning, the school will be shut on a Friday.
  • The School, however, will be open to pupils in the Key worker/ Vulnerable pupil group from Monday – Friday.
  • There will be set arrival and end of day times for each bubble group. These must be strictly adhered to. There will be a one-way system: Enter by the main gate on Church Road; exit by the side gate on Castle Street.
  • We ask that only one adult, wherever possible, drops off/ picks up per family.
  • Once you have dropped/ picked up your child(ren), you should leave the school premises without delay.


For Reception/ Year 1 bubbles

  • Pupils and parents will need to enter the school via the main gate on Church Road and then pupils will be dropped off on the playground.
  • Parents are to then exit via the side gate on Castle Street.
  • Your child’s bubble will be met by their adults and then, when the bubble is ready, taken to their classroom. In the meantime, they will be lined up socially distanced from one another.
  • At the end of the day, your child will be taken to the playground and then brought to you at the drop off/ pick up point.


For the Key worker bubble

  • Pupils will need to enter the school via the main gate and then go through the main door past the office.
  • Adults will need to leave the school grounds by the side gate. At the end of the day, the pupils will be taken out to meet you on the playground.


For the Year 6 bubbles

  • Pupils will need to enter the school grounds via the staff car park on Church Road. At the end of the day they will be escorted through the car park and are to exit the school. The staff car park will be closed to traffic from 8.30 – 9.10am & 2.30pm – 3.10pm.
  • They will be met by their adults and, when ready, walked round to their classroom. In the meantime, they will be lined up socially distanced from one another.
  • Year 6 pupils are requested not to hand their phones into the school office. They will need to be handed in to their adult for safe keeping and then given back at the end of the day.
  • Class teachers, in consultation with the leadership team, have divided each year group into ‘bubbles’ of no more than 12 pupils. Please do not ask us to change these now they have been set as we are unable to.
  • It is not possible for all pupils to be taught by their usual class teacher(s). They may be taught by a TA or a teacher who normally works with another year group.


YOUR CHILD WILL BE IN BUBBLE: A, B, C (Each child has received their bubble allocation)




Bubble A

Bubble B

Bubble C

Year R (Robins)

Return to school on Monday 8th June




ADULT(s): Miss Foote (Mon- Tues)/ Mrs Wilkinson (Wed – Thurs)/ Mrs Massey

START TIME: 9.10am


CLASS ROOM: Breakfast club

ADULT(s): Miss Dimon/ Mrs Novaks


Year 1

Return to school on Monday 15th June

START TIME: 8.40am



ADULT(s): Mrs Smith (Mon- Tues)/ Mrs Morgan (Wed- Thurs)/ Mrs Coates

START TIME: 8.50am



ADULT(s): Mr Francis/ Mrs Evans/ Mrs Trerrett


Year 6

Return to school on Wednesday 10th June

START TIME: 8.40am



ADULT(s): Mr Pike (Mon- Wed) / Mrs Lee (Thurs)

START TIME: 8.50am



ADULT(s): Mrs Heyes/ Mrs Bowker




ADULT(s): Ms Smart/ Mrs Morgans






Key worker & Vulnerable pupil group (In Y2, 3, 4 & 5)

Return to school on Monday 1st June

START TIME: 8.40am



ADULTS: Mrs Cowell (Mon- Thurs)/ Mrs Bartlett (Mon- Thurs)

Mrs Fry (Mon; Wed- Fri)/ Mrs Bullock (Fri)





Additional information:

  • Pupils should wear summer uniform school tops with shorts or tracksuit bottoms and wear trainers instead of shoes (no PE kits in school – they will not be getting changed). Your child will also need a sun hat and sunscreen applied before school.
  • Children should only bring into school, their lunch, a named water bottle and a coat (if needed). No bags, i.e. rucksacks. All these things will be kept with them at their desk base. Do not bring in any book bags.
  • Pencil cases for KS2 only can be brought in. KS1 will not need pencil cases.
  • There will be no hot dinners prepared in school. If your child is normally provided with a meal, then they will be given a packed lunch. (If your child is in YR or Y1 and you wish them to have a packed lunch prepared by the school, please advise the office by this Friday please).
  • If you are running late, due to unforeseen circumstances, such as being held up due to a road accident, then you must phone the office to let the school know. However, children can no longer be supervised at the office to wait as they are not permitted to enter this area. Your child may well have to wait outside until you arrive, especially if you have more than one child as they are restricted as to where they can go in the school and siblings cannot be supervised in the same space due to risk of cross contamination.
  • If you have children with different start and end times, you will need to be at school in time to drop off and pick up the child who starts/finishes first and then wait outside for the next child to enter/leave (socially distanced). You must keep your child at your side while waiting.
  • Unfortunately, if your child is reluctant to leave you at drop off, staff will be unable to help take them from you. At this point, you will need to take them home.
  • No parent should enter any part of the school building. (classrooms, corridors, hall or office).
  • Any contact with the school should be via email or phoning during office hours.
  • Children must maintain, as far as is possible, social distancing (of 2m) and will not mix with children in any other bubble.
  • Frequent hand washing will be supervised and children will be directed to do so.
  • If your child becomes ill, they will be cared for and you will be contacted to collect them immediately. They will be kept away from the other children and adults in the school and the member of staff caring for them will wear PPE. This will be the case for all illnesses.
  • Following Local Authority guidance, if any member of staff or a child within your child’s bubble is ill, you will be asked to collect your child, even at short notice and then isolate them for the relevant period (as per Government guidance) before they can return to school.
  • If your child displays any signs of Covid-19, Government regulations should be followed and your child and their siblings kept off school for the relevant time period. See the link below:


At home, please discuss with your child(ren) the importance of washing their hands, flushing the toilet and maintaining social distancing in order to help minimise the risk of infection for pupils, staff, parents and the wider community.


This is new for all of us but I am confident that together we can make it work. Thank you for your support.


Yours sincerely


Karl Joyce