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Welcome to Penguins

Year 1


For nothing will be impossible with God 

Luke 1 v37  


        Summer Term One…                            Value: Joy


‘Learn to do right; seek justice for what is fair, rescue the oppressed,

speak up for the orphans and widows.’

Isaiah 1:1




On behalf of the staff and children of Year One, we would like

to extend a very warm welcome to our class page.


We have had a wonderful year so far. The children have been working so hard. We are very

excited about the new learning experiences that we will share together this term. 


This section of our website will be used to provide a summary of

Year One's learning journey. It will also be used to share information

and post regular updates.  Please look at out timetable for the new term. Scroll down to view our adventures! 



Diary Dates          

Monday 25th April - Back to school 

Thursday 26th May - Possible trip to Clifton Bridge

Friday 27th May - Last day of term 4


More dates may be added through the term

Weekly Check List


Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday pm - Mrs Hathaway

Wednesday am, Thursday and Friday - Mrs Wilkinson



Tuesday  – PE - please wear PE kit

Friday -  PE  - please wear PE kit


BOOK CHANGE - Your child will have a specific day that they read and their book will be changed. Please ensure books are in bags every day so that they can be changed.


For PE, please refer to our School Uniform advice:

Our Learning Journey

This section of our class page will be used to provide you with an insight into our classroom and learning adventures.

Our Summer Term Adventures

What a fantastic start to our Science Topic. We started with an afternoon with Year 3 who told us all about what they have learnt about Plants so far and we looked at what has grown on our field and in the planters so far. We then set up an investigation to answer our key question, 'Will soil effect how plants grow?' Please ask us how they seeds are getting on, were our predictions right? We have also planted our own seeds which we are taking care off. We have find out what a non flowering and a flowering plant is and explored our wonderful grounds to go plant spotting to see what we could find. We can't wait to find out more about plants over the next term and watch our flowers grow!

Maths Fun

We have been so busy in Maths. We have loved exploring how to represent numbers in different ways using  numicon, multi link, dienes blocks and practising our tally skills. Great team work Penguins!


We have also been solving multiplication problems and using arrays to help us solve them. 

What do Christians Believe God is like?

This term our Key Question in RE is 'What do Christians Believe God is like? We were very lucky to have Reverend Joy come and visit us to explore this further. We talked about how he is loving, kind and that God is Forgiveness. We looked at different order of services and how everyone starts with people asking god for Forgiveness. We learnt and spotted the words, 'sorry', 'confession' and 'penitence'. 


For our homework we wrote prayers and thought about forgiveness as well as al the things he created, like the flowers that we are enjoying exploring through our Science this term.

Our Spring Term Adventures

Science Investigation - What would be the best material to make a shelter for our Mini Me's?

We have loved finding out about materials this term and Mrs Wilkinson is so proud of all the new language that we have learnt. We carried out an investigation to test how much we had learnt on materials and their properties. We needed to predict which material would be the best to make a shelter for our Mini Me's. We made a prediction and then built our homes to test if we were right. We decided that we could test how strong in wind they would be by flapping a lid box/cardboard  to create a wind effect and test how waterproof it is if it rained by pouring on a jug of water.  However they were really put to the test when the real wind picked up, the rain came down and we even had hailstones! We found out that the best material was plastic and wood. However make sure that your wood has no holes in it or gaps for the rain to get through or you will still get wet!

Hot Air Balloons

In our discovery lessons we have been learning all about the first flight. The children have shown perseverance while making these hot air balloons but it was worth it as they look fantastic in our outdoor reading den. What book would you read on an adventure in a hot air balloon?


We have been developing our gymnastics skills this term. We have been learning how to do different roles, jumps, balances and travelling in different ways. We have then worked in groups to put all these moves together to make a sequence. We have shown great team work, communicating well with our team so that everyone knows what the sequence is and supporting each other as we performed them to each other. Great work Penguins!

A visitor to talk to us about Judaism

We were really excited to get a visitor from the Synagogue in Bristol to tell us more about Judaism. Our teachers were so proud that we were able to tell her so much that we had already learnt. It was great to find out more details and be able to ask questions to understand more about the religion. 


We enjoyed learning a song called ' Shalom Shabbat'. We talked about how when we sang it loudly we  felt excited and when we did the part you whispered it made us feel calm and restful which is what Shabbat is all about. 


We really enjoyed getting to taste some fresh challah bread that she made for us. We all loved it!

World Book Day Poem - A Little Seed

Still image for this video
We have been learning a poem all week to perform to the rest of Key Stage 1 and Robins on World Book Day. We loved doing it and picked it up very quickly. We hope you enjoy it too!

We had great fun celebrating World Book Day. We all enjoyed reading a paragraph from our books that we brought in from home. We also enjoyed going on a book scavenger hunt, having a book quiz and making origami bookmarks. We finished off the day by watching Jim Field , who is the illustrator of 'Oi Frog', demonstrate how to draw the frog from the book. Kes Gray is our author of the year so it was nice to celebrate something linked to his books too. Look at out photos and you may spot one of our children who came dressed as this frog! 

Our Reading Shed

A massive thank you to Cheryl for painting the inside of our Reading Shed and to Mrs Heyes for donating the fairy lights. Our Reading Shed is now fully operational and the children are already enjoying spending time reading for pleasure in there. Kes Gray is our author of the year and we hope to soon have lots more of his books for the children to devour!

RE - Judaism

We have been learning all about Judaism. We have enjoyed exploring artefacts, looking at the Shema Prayer and also making our own Star of David. 


This week we have been learning about the festival called Sukkot and then made our own Sukkahs. We showed great team work and chose what we would like to make them out. We are looking forward to exploring more festivals over the next few weeks.  

Reading For Pleasure Time

We love reading in Year 1. We have reading for pleasure time everyday. We get to choose where we want to read, somewhere we can relax and enjoy our stories. Where is the strangest place you have read? 

Our Autumn Term Adventures

Victorian school

We visited Sevington Victorian school as an end to our previous Discovery Topic 'How has our school changed since 1837?'. It was a wonderful day which really gave children an authentic experience of a Victorian school like ours. We wore clothes suitable for that era and even swapped our packed lunch boxes for paper bags! The boys and girls were separated and educated in different subjects. The girls learned how to clean brass and made lavender bags to keep the moths away whilst the boys made beeswax candles and learnt how bees were so important. Both girls and boys were taught maths and English in the strict schoolroom heated by an open fire. They even had to stay apart at lunchtimes and play with toys appropriate for either girls or boys - very different from our OPAL play at St Mary's today! 

Bonfire Night

Year 1 joined up with Robins and Year 2 to explore why and how we celebrate Bonfire night. We were really impressed at how well they listened to the history of Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot and how they were able to retell this. They learnt lots about bonfire and firework safety, spotting hazards that the teachers had set up in the outside area. They also had a chance to create some beautiful firework artwork!

Tennis tasters

The children were introduced to tennis by professional coaches, Taylor Tennis. They learnt how to correctly hold the racquet in order to hit it over the net. We were really impressed with how well they listened to instructions and concentrated on improving their skills. Wimbledon, here we come! 

We enjoyed visiting the Baptist Church to learn about the church community.