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Religious Education

RE has a high profile in school, driven by the leadership team and promoted as one of the core subjects. The head teacher was very keen to make the school an RE Hub when the opportunity arose. The deputy head is driving this forward and we have been given 8 schools to support in the development of the RE curriculum, resources, quality of teaching and assessment.


Work done in RE is given prominence in school and classroom displays including RE learning walls and each class has a RE whole class learning reflection journal. Learners can explain and discuss the displays and  have a positive attitude to RE lessons where they can express their views and develop an understanding and respect for diversity in both the church and other faith communities. 


The extent that RE promotes the schools distinctive Christian character is outstanding. Pupils follow Gloucestershire’s Agreed RE Syllabus where Christianity is the main focus covering in the region of 66% of the curriculum. We have adopted ‘Understanding Christianity’ as our main resource for not only ensuring the excellent quality of teaching and learning of Christianity is of a high standard but we can guarantee the staff have the right resources at hand to make RE progressive and interesting for the children.


Other religions such as Islam, Judaism and Hinduism are also included in the syllabus. School is well supported by the Rev Joy, visitors and the community. They all provide an excellent resource to aid learning.


Every class have RE lessons for at least one hour a week, the subject is well resourced and is led superbly well by the Mrs Sarah Lee who is effective and enthusiastic for the subject. 

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