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Welcome to Robins - Reception Class!





Hello Robins!


Welcome to Robins! We are so excited to meet you all and get to know you over the next few weeks. We will have lots of fun together, get to learn so many exciting new things over the year and the best bit is that you get to help choose what you learn about! We are your family while you are at school and we want you to be happy and safe.


This term our key question for our topic at school this term  is 'Who am I? Where do I belong?' Our role play is a home corner and outside in our play house is a mini supermarket. We will be looking at ourselves, our families, our school and our local area. Please look at the termly overview to see what we are learning about in detail this term and the books we will be sharing ( you can find this below once the children have started school). We have also included our  topic web for which is based on the learning for our knowledge and understanding area of curriculum and also incorporates other areas of the curriculum. These are the adults ideas for starting points but as we go with the childrens interests and ideas we may cover these or there interests may lead us onto a different route!


Over the next few weeks we will confirm some dates on here for a 'Meet the Teacher' meeting where we will explain about homework tasks, reading, behaviour systems and routines. We will also hold a 'Phonics Meeting' around half term to support those new parents on how we teach reading and writing at school and how you can support your children at home.


During your visits on Monday and Tuesday we will also be gibing out your SEESAW codes which is a way that we can communicate with you all easily.


One small change since you had your 'Welcome to Robins' booklet is that Mrs Bullock will now be in on a Wednesday afternoon instead of the Thursday afternoon.


If you have any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail us on our class e-mail: and we will reply to you as soon as possible or catch us at the end of the day.


We look forward to seeing you all soon,


Mrs Wilkinson, Miss Foote and Mrs Capnos



The recent curriculum overview and Topic web are further down the page. Please scroll down to find them. This will help you to see what the children are learning about at school.


Please see our latest school newsletter for inset days and term dates.




WOW MOMENTS -  we like to share the achievements of children inside and outside of school. You will be sent home some WOW slips during the first few weeks, . Please make note of any special achievements your child has done that has made you proud. This could be putting on their own clothes, riding a bike, gaining a swimming badge etc. These can be sent in when they achive something that make syou go 'wow'!


PATCH THE DOG – we will send our class dog home to go on adventures at your home. Please ensure he is returned on a Monday  so that he is safe to go home the following Friday. ( we will explain more at our Meet the Teacher Meeting'.


PE – Our PE day is on a Thursday this term. Please send your child in their PE clothes that are appropriate for the weather. 


READING BOOKS – All children will get a library book and a reading book before half term and once they are settled into the full time routine.Reading diaries will  be able to come between school and home. Your child will have a set day to bring in their library/reading book and this will be the only day that we are able to give your child a book so please ensure their books are in their bag that day so they can have a new one. We encourage children to read at least 5 times a week, for a maximum of 10 minutes ( this inlcudes books being read to them.) We hold a reading raffle in school. If a child reads at home 5 times a week then there names goes in the raffle. At the end of the term we pull out a name and they win a £10 book token, donated by the PTFA.


HOMEWORK –  Each week we will send home a phonics task/phoneme sheets which you can add to the yellow books and then return to school by the Wednesday of each week. |We will explian more at the ' Meet the teacher' meeting.


WELLIES -  to be kept in school all year for use during outdoor play and lunchtimes. Please name these.







Our Timetable - September 2021

Our Whole Year Curriculum Overview

Topic web - Who am I? Where do I belong?

Staff in Robins

Welcome to Robins Booklet - what does a day in Robins look like?

Reading Leaflet to support Parents





In Robins our Author of the Year is Julia Donaldson. We love listening to her stories during story time and enjoying reading them ourselves in our reading area.  We have already remembered her name and can name a lot of the books she has written. We also enjoy listening to and joining in with her songs from her CD and book called ' A Treasury of Songs' . During the year we will all get the chance to take the story sack home which includes two of her books 'Zog' and 'Spinderella'. We then write a book review about them to share with our friends. 


Please see the website links below to find out more about Julia Donaldson, view some of the books she has written and to try out some activities linked to the books we have read.