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Welcome to Owls

Year 4



For nothing will be impossible with God 

Luke 1 v37  

            Spring Term Two…                            Value: Justice


‘Learn to do right; seek justice for what is fair, rescue the oppressed, speak up for the orphans and widows.’

Isaiah 1:1

Welcome to Term Two of Year Four.


We had a very successful start to the year and I am looking forward to continuing this into Term 2. I think a highlight for myself and the children was definitely our trip into Bristol. All the children were incredibly well behaved and I even received an email from The Matthew to say what a lovely, respectful group we were. I was very proud! 


Any questions please e-mail the class page


Miss Johnson 

Diary Dates


17th February - Random act of kindness day

18th February - End of Term 

28th February - Back to school 

3rd March - PTFA Bedtime Stories event

3rd March - World Book Day

28th March - Bike ability

Weekly Check List

Monday – PE  (Handball) 

Tuesday – PE (Dance)

Wednesday - Mrs Bullock (am)

Friday - Homework on Google Classroom 


See below a link to our PE Uniform policy:

Our Learning Journey

This section of our class page will be used to provide you with an insight into our classroom and learning adventures.

Our Spring Term Adventures

Pancake day! 

Our new topic in Science is states of matter. We are learning all about solids, liquids and gases and how materials can change states. As it was Shove Tuesday, we thought what better way to investigate this but to make pancakes! Owl class very much enjoyed making (and eating) their pancakes and celebrating the start of lent. 

Our Roman Shields 

During Term 3, we have been researching, designing and creating our own Roman shields as part of our discovery topic. First, we researched different Roman shield designs and looked for common themes such as lightening bolts and arrows. Next, we cut out our shields from big sheets of cardboard and made the boss using yogurt pots and paper mache. Last, we pained our shields using traditional colours of red, gold and black and and attached a handle to the back. 
We will be continuing to explore the question ‘How was Britain influenced by the Roman Empire?’ during term 4!

String Telephones Science Experiment 

In Science, we have been learning all about how sound travels. Last week, we made string telephones and went out on the playground to test them out! The children could all hear each other through the cups from over 10m away! They learnt that their voice will travel as vibrations through the string and into the other cup allowing their friend to hear them. I can safely say that every member of owls absolutely loved this experiment! 

Martial Arts Workshop

Big thanks to Matt and Claire from Matt Fiddes Martial Arts who came into school last week and did workshops with all year groups. Year 4 absolutely loved learning all the moves and the many benefits of martial arts. It was so good to see so many of the children in their martial arts robes. If anybody is interested in joining martial arts outside of school, you can get a free session with the leaflet that went home last week. 

The Matchbox Diary

 In English, we are reading the Matchbox Diary. A fantastic book about an old man who could not read or write but was desperate to keep a diary so instead he kept mementos in matchboxes to remind himself of a special event in his life. Inside the first 5 matchboxes were a olive stone, an old picture, a pen nib, a dried macaroni, and a bottle top. We had to all predict what these could possibly mean and there were some extremely good guesses. What 5 items would signify key events in your life? 

Our Autumn Term Adventures

Children in Need!

Wow! You all put in so much effort for Children in need! We even had an inflatable shark! Thank you so much for all your contributions. 

Circle Time!

Yesterday, we had a special circle time all about friendships. The session was extremely positive and beneficial. The children really reflected on how their actions and words can impact other people both positively and negatively. I was very proud at their mature and sensible approach to our discussions! 

Diwali Dance Workshop

This week we had West End In Schools come in and teach us a traditional Diwali dance! We had to act out the fascinating story of Ramayana which Hindu's celebrate during Diwali. The children really enjoyed it. Right is a picture of them all being fireworks! 

Creating our own mythical creatures!

This week in English we have been creating our own fictional animals with the aim to write a non-chronological report. Some of the children's fascinating, mythical creatures can be seen left. Here we have a Lava-spitting Cobra, a Neon Viper, a Devil Koalo and a super-smart Flash Guinea Pig. I can't wait to read their reports when we write them next week! 

The Matthew School Trip

What an amazing trip into Bristol! First we went on The Matthew, a replica of the ship John Cabot used to find Newfoundland in 1497! We toured around Bristol Harbour and the children very much enjoyed waving at passerbys. We then learnt all about the history of Bristol from the very knowledgeable captain of the ship and got to explore the upper decks. After lunch, we went on a walking tour of Bristol where the children had to complete a Treasure Hunt along the way. There was going to be a prize of chocolate for the winning pair, however, because every single child was so brilliant, they all deserved the prize! T