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Vision and Values

We live and learn by our Christian values.

Our School Vision


                    For nothing will be impossible with God

                                                                                                           Luke 1 v37   

We live and learn by our Christian Values in an inclusive, supportive and caring environment.

Children encounter a ‘living faith’ through our collective worship and whole school curriculum.

They are actively involved in their learning and in partnership with parents and the wider community, the children grow spiritually and flourish as we prepare them to meet the challenges of education, work and life.

Our Values

Every five years we review our values. During this time, all members of the school community are consulted on our Christian values. As a result of these discussions some values are sometimes revised and others we feel need changing.

In 2020 we had a review of our values and decided to refresh and focus on just 6 main Christian values:

Hope, Community, Courage, Justice, Joy and Peace.

“The distinctiveness and effectiveness of St Mary’s Church of England Primary School as a church school are outstanding"

Visitors will notice that we have a very special jar of pebbles on display in the reception foyer of the school. The pebbles in the jar represent the school as one community. Every person joining our school community has made a promise of what they could bring to the school as they placed their pebble in the jar. This reminds us that each one of us is an individual but we come together to make one body.


Values are at the heart of our school.