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SEND and Inclusion

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)


At St Mary’s Primary, we aim to provide the best education possible for all children, regardless of their starting point. We work closely with parents and carers, recognising the important role they play in their child’s education. Sometimes children need extra support and there are systems in school to make sure that this support helps them thrive in school.  


Any questions please contact Harry Penny our Inclusion Lead and Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator (SENDCo)


01454 866760


Inclusion Team - If you have concerns about your child then please talk to us.

Parent/Carer SEND Information Report 2021 - 2022

Emotional Literacy Offer

Inclusive and Supportive learning environments 

Our curriculum is designed so it is accessible and challenging for all. Our curriculum offers a range of opportunities for all learners, regardless of their ages or starting points. We believe that, as long as the conditions are correct, all pupils seek challenges. We want our pupils to see the value in making mistakes when they are being fully stretched intellectually - this is when learning occurs. We do not encourage speed at the expense of depth, swiftness of coverage over security of that coverage and superficial knowledge at the expense of deep understanding.

Using concrete and visual resources to support learning

What our parents say:
“The teachers and staff at St Mary’s have been instrumental in getting my son to the stage he is currently at. The ongoing support and encouragement my child and I receive is constant. I feel that we (my child and I) are so lucky to be part of St Mary’s. The smaller classes and family values make St Mary’s a place where my child loves to be.”

"My daughter has complex additional needs and initially started at St. Mary’s without a statement in place. The school were quick to identify that she would benefit from having a statement and that her ability to learn would be improved. Prior to and during the statementing process the school could not have been more supportive. They were very open and honest about what her needs were and flexible in meeting them. The daily liaison between school and home has been invaluable and she is now thriving at school"



At St Mary's we are aiming to become a Makaton friendly school. Makaton is a language programme that uses signs together with speech and symbols, to enable people to communicate. It supports the development of essential communication skills such as attention, listening, comprehension, memory and expressive speech and language.


Scan the QR codes below to learn so basic Makaton!

Makaton is useful at snack-time!

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The Sunshine Room

We believe passionately in supporting every child to be the best they can be in every aspect of their life. We know from our daily experiences and from statistical information that most pupils will experience difficult times and challenges in and out of school during their seven years with us at St Mary’s. For some of those children, their experiences will have huge and potentially life-long impact and consequences. We want to identify those children and recognise the impact that Adverse Childhood Experiences might have on them and support them through the difficult times that they might experience during their childhood. Critically, we know too that emotional wellbeing has a significant impact on a child's (or adult's) ability to achieve and thrive.


Emotional wellbeing is critical in developing a healthy successful school community, including developing a pupil's social, emotional and behavioural skills.


Being mentally and emotionally healthy means that:


  • We believe in ourselves and know our own worth.
  • We set ourselves goals that we can achieve and can find support to do this.
  • We are aware of our emotions and what we are feeling and can understand why. We can cope with our changing emotions and we can speak about and manage our feelings.
  • We understand what others may be feeling and know how to deal with their feelings.
  • We also understand when to let go and not overreact.
  • We know how to make friendships and relationships and how to cope with changes in them.
  • We understand that everyone can be anxious, worried or sad sometimes.
  • We can cope with, and bounce back from, changes or problems and talk about them with someone we trust.


​The Sunshine Room is a place that sums up our nurturing and inclusive culture within the school. It is a place where children can go to speak with a member of staff either as a one-off visit or for ongoing support over time. It is also a place where children can receive targeted sensory support. While Mrs Cowell is a qualified Emotional Literacy Support Assistant, who uses skills in working with children, we do not provide a 'counselling service' per se, rather an opportunity for extended pastoral support beyond the resources and capacity of a child's class teacher. Mrs Cowell works closely with all staff to ensure that they can also provide pastoral care across the school.

SEND Local Offer

The purpose of the SEND local offer is to provide information in one place, offering ongoing support to children and young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and their families across South Gloucestershire. The SEND local offer describes what help, support and services are available in the local area.  The SEND local offer website includes information on services and support from South Gloucestershire Council, its partners and community and voluntary groups across education, health and social care.  South Gloucestershire Council’s Local Offer can be found by visiting :

Key Information for Parents

Introduction to the Information Advice and Support Service

A short animation funded by the Department for Education to help children and young people with SEND and their parents learn about the service and support on...

SEND and You SENDIAS Service - Bristol, South Gloucestershire, and North Somerset

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The SEND Covid helpline for parents is open as an email box. Parents can email the helpline with their queries and leave their phone number. An appropriate professional will ring them back. This aims to support communication with schools and agencies and to answer parent’s queries. The email address is

Useful SEND home learning links

Useful resources for parents

This leaflet, funded by the Department for Education, is intended to help build partnership between families and the school. The aim is to provide families with questions to ask of schools, and empower them in having successful discussions about whether additional input at the SEN Support level is required and what that  might mean.