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St Mary's Curriculum

St Mary's C of E VA Curriculum Vision

St Mary's Curriculum Principles

At St Mary’s we believe in providing a knowledge based curriculum which is in line with National Curriculum expectations.  At its heart we have 6 core Christian Values which permeate through all areas of school life:


Hope, Community, Justice, Courage, Joy, Peace.

Please take a moment to read the attached Teaching and Learning Principles: 

St Mary's Curriculum Drivers

In order to deliver the most appropriate curriculum to our pupils at St Mary’s CE VA Primary School, we identified four curriculum drivers. We worked with all stakeholders in school to evaluate exactly what our curriculum needed to offer the children in our local community. We assessed our children’s starting points and backgrounds, and explored in great detail the knowledge and experiences that we believe our children need in order to be successful in the future. These drivers will underpin the curriculum we provide for our children and will weave through every subject we teach.

Curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact

At St Mary CE VA Primary School, we believe knowledge precedes creativity and therefore our curriculum provides our children with the experience of a wide and aspirational breadth of study. School Breadth School Breadth School Breadth School Breadth School Breadth Required Breadth Required Breadth Required Breadth Required Breadth Required Breadth Our curriculum focuses on ‘The best that has been thought and said’. (Arnold, M. (1869) Through their journey at our school, the children gain an ambitious body of procedural and semantic knowledge so that when they are confronted by something they have never seen before, they choose to think instead of remember. Through an understanding of learning being the transition of information into long-term memory, we have built our curriculum around the idea that “we remember what we think about”.


To find out more about our Intent, Implementation and Impact, please read the attached document:

Curriculum Areas

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