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Return to school COVID Procedures Term 2.


Dear parents, carers,


With the new term about to start I would just like to mention some new stricter guidelines we are putting into place.

As you know we are technically back into lockdown and the rate of infection is rising all over the country. Schools are not closing but we have been asked to make sure strict adherence to rules and regulations are followed as best we can as both the safety of our children and staff are paramount.

Below are measures we need to have in place:


  • Parents drop off and collect children exactly on time.
  • Please follow the one-way system and do not linger in the playground while the children are lining up. Please just drop off and go.
  • Please wear a face mask on the playground at all times.
  • Think about social distancing at all times, including outside the school gate as there will be vulnerable adults dropping children off as well.
  • If you are collecting more than one child, please collect each one at the correct time.
  • We need to make sure children do not play in the school, please ensure younger children are not allowed to roam the playground.
  • Absolutely no birthday gifts or exchanging of presents in school.
  • No toys from home to be brought in.
  • We have plenty of sanitiser in school, children do not need to bring in their own sanitiser.
  • Once your child has left school they cannot return to collect a forgotten clothing item.


For Class 5 and Class 6 only.


Class 6 – new start time of 8.40am through the BLUE GATES LEADING TO THE CAR PARK


Class 5 – new start time of 8.50am through the BLUE GATES LEADING TO THE CAR PARK


Class 4 – new start time of 9.00am through the BLUE GATES LEADING TO THE CAR PARK

At the end of the day:


Class 6 – pick up time will be 3.20pm through the BLUE GATES


Class 5 - pick up time will be 3.10pm through the BLUE GATES


Class 4 - pick up time will be 3.15pm through the BLUE GATES


Please see the timetable for the other classes also.


There may well be additions or adjustments to the above statement. With your support we can significantly reduce risk so that the school community is safe and well protected.


Yours faithfully,


K Joyce

Head teacher.